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Tree Care & Maintenance in Beaverton

Certified & Professional Beaverton Arborists

Just like with any other part of your home or property, your yard and landscape need to be maintained and inspected on a regular basis to ensure it is thriving. Not only can regular landscape maintenance help your yard look its best, but it can also help our professional tree care specialists to determine if there are any issues with your trees before they develop. At Evergreen Tree Services, we offer Beaverton tree services which are intended to extend the life of your trees and plants.

Why Is Maintenance Necessary?

Throughout the year, the weather and a variety of other factors can affect your property and landscape. It is important to have our team come out regularly to take care of your yard, ensure your trees are healthy and surviving, and to plant new flowers or trees as the seasons change.

Establishing a Tree Care Plan

We recommend meeting with our Beaverton tree care specialists to discuss your needs and your budget. We can put together a plan which will incorporate all of your needs and address any concerns you have about your trees and landscape. With certified arborists and a variety of trained professionals on our team, we have the experience and knowledge to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful.

Whether you need to have a decayed tree removed or you would like your plants and trees pruned and trimmed, we can help. We have a great deal of experience dealing with all different types of trees and plants throughout the Beaverton area.

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